My Work

These metal prints are produced on copper and aluminum plates using an alternative photographic process. This involves hand-coating with a pigmented light-sensitive emulsion, followed by exposure to light through an overlaid photographic negative. Some special materials are used to give these prints a long life.

Before the emulsion is applied, the reflecting quality of the metal is altered by both hammering and brushing, giving the final print an added dimensionality. Both the application by hand and variability of the metal’s surface create an aesthetic that varies from print to print and also with lighting. There is a more detailed explanation of my process on the “Process” page


The Portfolio

Urban Toronto (2014-work in progress)

Toronto’s “ghost signs” continue to disappear amidst development and resurfacing of old buildings. Often kitschy in style, the majority of these signs were hand-painted onto the sides of brick buildings as a means to advertise businesses and products. Many of these signs have survived beyond 50 years, with several revealing multiple layers of advertisements. Most are badly faded, so I decided to capture, and bring them into focus before they vanish.

Tommy Thompson Park (Toronto, 2014)

In early January 2014, I visited Tommy Thompson park, which is formed upon a spit of land created entirely from landfill dug out from the city. The damage from the ice storm of late December was quite minimal here, likely due to it being just a bit further south, and taking advantage of some of the heat radiating off of Lake Ontario. I captured images of grasses and shrubs and several panoramic views as simple examples of wasteland recovery.

Rural Southern Ontario (2011-2013)

The majority of these plates were printed from photographs taken in rural Southern Ontario over the course of the winters of 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. The snowfall and loss of leaves from many trees provided an opportunity to capture textures and elements that are not revealed in the warmer months. This series is my attempt to better reveal these overlooked rural elements.

I have a larger selection of plates all of which are listed in my catalogue. Please send me an email from the “Contact” page if you wish to receive a copy or you would like to be on my mailing list.