Climax B 
Hand-brushed pigment print in ferric-wheat (Duotone)
6 in x 9 in

Recent Work

This is a work from my recent exhibition; Sun, Smoke, Sly, and Grass | Alt Process Landscapes of SW Saskatchewan, May 8-26, 2024 at Propeller Art Gallery in Toronto, part of the 2024 CONTACT photography festival.

15 hand-brushed prints are creations from photographic images of SW Saskatchewan, captured during a trip in July, 2023. Wildfire smoke was very present and heavy on a number of those days, providing a photograph of the sun without any type of solar darkening filter.

The printing process is done by hand with the application of one or multiple layers of pigments bonded by plant proteins and made light-sensitive with the addition of iron salts. Plant proteins have not been used before for such a photo-based printing process which resembles to some degree,  gum bichromate, in aesthetics and process steps. It has the advantage of using a natural sustainable protein source and a much less toxic iron salt for sensitization.